Zeytindalı Elektrik wins privatization tender for 84-MW Camlica 1 HEPP

(Enerji IQ – July 2021) The privatization tender for Camlica 1 HEPP, the largest energy asset in the privatization portfolio, has now been completed. Istanbul-based Zeytindali Elektrik Inc. entered the highest bid for the 84-MW plant with 580.5 million TL (€56.31 million with 10.3 TL/€). Camlica 1 HEPP is located in the Yahyali district of the central Anatolian city of Kayseri.

Zeytindalı Elektrik A.Ş. obtained an electricity-supply license from EMRA for 30 years in September 2019. According to the Trade Registry records, the company was founded by Ramazan Ozturk in August 2019 with initial capital of 2 million TL.

Camlica 1 HEPP was put into operation in December 1998. The plant was built by AYEN Energy using the BOT model and transferred to EUAS in 2013.