Yingli Announced Multi-Crystalline 12 Busbars Panel On PV Expo Japan 2018

Yingli Green Energy has announced on PV Expo Tokyo, Japan 2018, that it has commercialized the new generation product: multi-crystalline 12 busbars panel, which is available for global customers immediately.

The multi-crystalline 12 busbars products utilized multi-busbars design to reduce the silver paste consumption during the processing of PV cells and improve the conversion efficiency of PV cells. The multi-busbar design can also decrease the risk of the cell micro-cracks and fingers broken, bringing the products a higher durability. In addition, the products adopted advanced glass featuring a unique anti-reflective coating that directs more light on the PV cells, resulting in a higher energy yield. Generally, power output of 60 cells multi-crystalline 12 busbars panel can reach up to 285 watts in mass production, representing an increase of approximately 5-7 watts compared to Yingli’s traditional multi-crystalline panels. And the products have got certificates of Ammonia and PID test from TÜV SÜD to poof its liability.

“We are glad to introduce the new products with strong competition as a result of the reduction of the silver paste consumption and increase of cell efficiency. Certificated by recognized certificate authorities, Yingli’ multi-crystalline 12 busbars panel is an ideal product for DG projects,” commented Dr. Dengyuan Song, the Chief Technology Officer of Yingli. “We will continue to increase the cell efficiency and reduce its cost by sustainable technical innovation in order to increase competition and better meet market demand for high-efficiency products.”

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