UPS London Launches Delivery with Fully Electric Vehicles

Under the initiative of UPS, the company coalition that came together for the Intelligent Electricity Urban Logistics (SEUL) project has developed a “radical new charging technology” that will allow multiple electric vehicles to be charged in a single area. The technology, that will not need massive improvements in the electrical infrastructure, will open the way to the new generation vehicles.

Thanks to its easy installation, the innovative technology will enable 170 delivery vehicles of UPS London to be fully converted into electric vehicles. Developed with UK Power Networks and Cross River Partnership, the project is seen as a breakthrough in package delivery in many cities.

Even though the local grid infrastructure restrictions, the project was supported by on-site grid scale batteries. This prototype installation utilizes new batteries but uses old electric vehicle batteries as a fixed storage in the charging docks to reduce the need to purchase new batteries. The solution provided by the batteries is controlled by intelligent network technology and serves as the brain for the entire operation. This solution can be customized for each location and packaged with a power upgrade and on-site power generation, depending on needs.

Having experienced electric vehicle since 2001, UPS today is reducing its carbon emission with 300 electric and 700 hybrid electric vehicles. The multinational package delivery company, which shows its commitment to transition to electric vehicles with its innovative project and investments, has also ordered 125 Tesla electric Semi trucks for its fleet.