Unique Submarine Cable System For Ostwind 1 Off-Shore Windfarm

For Ostwind 1 project, Prysmian has developed a unique submarine cable system to enable smart and green energy to reach thousands of homes and businesses in Germany.

Offshore wind applications are fundamental in meeting this increasing demand for greener energy.

As a world leader in this area, Prysmian has a long-standing track record of offering our customers proven, cost-effective cable designs and operating systems.

We’re committed to investing in new and upgraded manufacturing and installation assets. We do this so we can offer the broadest possible range of innovative products and technologies, strengthening our services and capabilities in production and project execution for the offshore wind market.

As a trusted and dedicated partner we continue to support the needs of this growing industry, offering medium voltage inter-array cables, High-Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) and High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) export cables.

As well as supply and turnkey solutions, we also offer monitoring and maintenance services. And we’ve developed a wide range of tailor-made accessories to meet even the most demanding customer requirements.