UK’s Largest Solar Energy Power Plant To Be Built Subsidy Free

Hive Energy is building the largest solar energy plant in the city of Kent, south east of the UK. The power generation plant that will be set up without subsidies from the state will have a capacity of 350 MW.
The mega plant will be  developed by Cleve Hill, a joint venture formed by Hive Energy and its partner Wirsol Energy. The current largest solar power plant of the country has a capacity of 65MW. The new one, which will be installed without government subsidies , be able to supply electricity to 110,000 houses with a capacity of 350MW. The Mega project will cover an area of ​​approximately 890 acres equivalent to over 400 football fields.
While project has mega size, it is also considered to ensure balance through the battery storage in order to avoid possible grid disruptions. The Cleve Hill Solar Park is aimed at being a pioneering project that optimizes technological developments in solar energy and as the first un-subsidized solar energy power plant in this size, low-cost, clean energy will be provided to UK households.
The project, which is expected to be completed by 2020, will be located on the northern coast of the city that is a natural habitat visited by migrating birds. The consultation process, in which the local people have joined as abstained for this reason, was started in December.
The British government has suspended subsidies for solar energy projects nearly two years ago. Also solar energy is excluded from clean power tender in the country. However, falling technology costs and scale economies coming from power projects has opened the way for renewables to move forward without subsidies. In this scope, with its enormus size, Cleve Hill Solar Park is aimed to be a pioneer project in clean energy generation without state subsidies.