Uber Invests $10 Million In Sustainable Mobility

The initiative will focus on congestion prices, which is viewed by academics and urban planners as the best way to ease road congestion. Uber said they would even be willing to take money out of their own pockets if it meant working efficiently with cities to promote smart policies.

Uber are using The Shared Mobility Principles for Liveable Cities, which were developed by the leading international NGOs in sustainable transportation, as a guideline on how to allocate the $10 million investment.

Robin Chase, co-founder and former CEO of Zipcar, initiator of the Shared Mobility Principles, said: “To address climate change and improve quality of life for the billions of people who live and work in cities, the public and private sector have to work together. The Shared Mobility Principles for Liveable Cities bring together a common vision and set of values that will get us there.”

The company has also invested an additional $1 million in New York to continue their campaign in promoting congestion prices for the city.

To combat the issue of insufficient data on street speeds in cities, Uber have donated $250,000 to SharedStreets so that public and private organisations can share data and improve public streets.

Recently, Uber have worked on a number of ways to ensure sustainable mobility. They introduced an initiative, entitled JUMP, which allows you to rent an electric bike using the Uber app. This initiative means that congestion is reduced, as well as the carbon footprint.