TS4-R Module-Technology Solution From SMA

With this innovative module technology from SMA, for the first time a system’s individual PV modules can be strategically optimized, easily and cost-effectively.

Highest energy yields – Lowest costs

The TS4-R module system is a cost-effective system that fits into any PV module design, making it the right solution for every application. With the TS4-R platform, for the first time, every PV module can now be flexibly equipped with an additional function. Only the modules affected by energy yield loss are equipped/fitted with TS4-R This means energy yields can be strategically increased and system costs reduced.

All modules always have to be equipped with an optimizer, whether necessary or not this quickly leads to unnecessarily high costs. However, with SMA solution TS4, only affected modules have to be equipped with an optimizer and this provides lower investment costs and lower installation costs.

Fast and easy implementation

According to individual requirements, the TS4-R platform offers the corresponding functions:

– Complete module-level monitoring
– Module-level shutdown
– Optimization for complex roof structure and partial shading

With TS4-R, you and your customers only pay for the function actually needed.

With no additional tools, the TS4-R solution can be quickly and easily mounted to a module already in the warehouse or directly on the construction site. This makes logistics easier and reduces installation time.

If the system is to be monitored or shut down, you will need the Cloud Connect Advanced communication unit which is available separately.

You can access TSR4-R’s installation video via the following link:


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