Trina Solar Launching Into Australia’s Household Sector With Trinahome

Trina Solar is moving into the Australian household sector with the launch of Trinahome.

“Trina Solar is already involved in large-scale solar farms in Australia and has also helped many Australian industrial and commercial companies to have rooftop solar to power their businesses,” says Jun-Heong Ku, Trina Solar senior sales director for Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

“Now that we have solidified our strong position with solar farms and large commercial and industrial projects in Australia; we are moving into the Australian household sector with the launch of Trinahome.”

“Trinahome will help to further boost demand in Australia for solar rooftop by giving households an easy and affordable solution.”

“Trinahome is the first ‘all in one’ solution in Australia, which means all the components – the solar modules, inverter and mounting – come from Trina Solar and are backed by Trina Solar warranties,” he says. “This makes it very easy for the consumer because they know that the whole system is backed by one supplier. It also means all the components work together seamlessly to provide greater efficiency.”

“The key benefit of solar energy is you will be more self-sufficient and can reduce your energy bills. Solar energy is also a renewable resource, so it is better for the environment than relying on electricitygenerated from fossil fuels such as coal,” he adds.

Trinahome is a 3Kw to 10Kw system, depending on the roof size. The system can also be installed in one day, depending on the weather and roof size.