Touching Hydrogen Future, Tour Around The Globe

Following previous ‘hydrogen hypes’ that came and passed in recent history, there is a growing consensus that this most recent groundswell of momentum will see renewable and low carbon hydrogen carve out a critical role in the drive to a carbon neutral economy. This has been borne out by the breadth and depth of hydrogen strategies and roadmaps that have emerged around the world in recent years, such as those to be explored in this book.

Aims for a clean hydrogen sector go well beyond decarbonisation, it also entails the development of supply chains, jobs, innovation, and an opportunity to redraw the global economics and geopolitics of the energy sector. For countries without fossil fuel resources, hydrogen could be an opportunity to reduce their dependence or even become energy exporters, whilst fossil fuel rich countries may be able to leverage hydrogen as part of a just transition to a more sustainable future.

Hydrogen could help reduce the volatility of global energy markets and alleviate energy poverty through democratising the means of production, anchored in cheap and abundant renewable electricity. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) estimates hydrogen could cover up to 12% of global energy use by 2050, with strong demand development viin the mid-2030s.1 There are immense opportunities for the global community in clean hydrogen development, with production potential far exceeding estimated global demand.

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