Tiny Mobile Solar Homes Made For Millennials

In partnership with doug schroeder of timbercraft, everywhere co. is announcing their entry into the tiny mobile homes market, focusing on creative and independent millennial buyers. with 5 models to choose from and 6 different styles based on some of the young company’s favorite locations in the western US, everywhere is going directly to the consumer online to start and has ambitious plans for the future.

After everywhere’s founder, brand winnie, spent 6 months living out of a travel trailer being pulled behind his truck during his journey, he realized there’s a huge opportunity for living in a home that can travel with you. ‘originally our company created clothing based on the places we traveled to,’ explains winnie. ‘but we rethought the idea after our journey was all about pulling the trailer. with the help of my wife, we completely remodelled the trailer from the ground up to look and feel like a home.’

Doug schroeder will join the everywhere team as a strategic partner and whilst continuing to run his custom tiny house building company, timbercraft out of alabama. the focus for timbercraft will be on custom solutions for clients who want a unique tiny home. the partnership with everywhere will be focused on scaling the production of doug’s craftsmanship together with the everywhere brand’s unique style. they’ll accomplish this by focusing on very specific models that can be produced quickly and efficiently giving buyers the best tiny home experience possible.

If you want to know how to get one of these tiny homes, everywhere co. is creating a rent-to-own program that aims to get individuals into a home quickly and for a relatively low-cost upfront. the plan is to integrate peer-to-peer lending through the blockchain where applicants can be approved in seconds. exact details on how this blockchain method will work have not yet been announced.