The World’s Longest Solar Energy Tower

The Asalim Solar Power Plant, installed in Israel’s Negev desert, is one of the world’s largest projects by its nature. With the cooperation of General Electric (GE) and BrightSource Energy, the plant will provide energy generation as the first concentrated solar energy in the country.

Concentrated solar energy systems concentrate a large area of ​​sunlight or solar energy into a small area using mirrors and lenses. Together with this efficient system, the Asalim Solar Power Plant will also have 240 metres solar-powered tower as the longest in the world.

Megalim Solar Power Ltd., a special purpose company, which was established by GE, BrightSource and NOY Infrastructure and Energy Investment Fund, will built and operate the plant. Besides, the energy produced will be sold to government utility Israeli Electricity Company under a long-term energy purchase contract.

In accordance with the global energy trend, Israel is moving towards increasing use of renewable energy. Targeting to increase the share of renewable energy up to 10% by 2020, the country will be able to supply electricity for 120.000 house with the Asalim Solar Energy Facility. In addition, this new plant will avoid 110.000 tons of carbon emissions every year.