The World’s First Electric On and Off Road Car: MISS R

XING Mobility, developer of the electric powertrain system, has released the test footage of the world’s first electric, on and off road electric vehicle with 1,300+ horsepower.

Called the MISS R, this super car’s abilities have been tested in many different ways. According to Azizi Tucker, CTO and co-founder of XING Mobility, testing the car at increasing speeds and heavier conditions plays a crucial role in the development of the vehicle.

Recent tests with the MISS R model seem to confirm this theory; the car’s electrical storage technology and concept are performing quite ambitiously in on and off roads. This full-power super car is able to achieve amazing performance levels with four 350 V motors and a 1 MW battery pack. According to the information provided by XING Mobility, with the highest power density, MISS R offers up to 50% weight savings compared to industry standards on EV battery pack of the market.

With its battery swap technology and compatible structure in every terrain type, the MISS R is especially suited for hill climbs and endurance races. The versatile solution of the car craetes many different commercial opportunities with possible uses such as city buses, passenger scooters, construction equipment and special purpose crafts.

The world’s first electric, on and off road car is also a design example for buses, trucks and snowplows with its powerful structure engine that can reach 0-100 km in 1.8 seconds and 0-200 km in 5.1 seconds.