The Window Solar Charger Helps You Charge Your Gadgets With Sunshine

The Window Solar Charger helps demystify and clear the air around solar panels. As simple as a wooden frame with solar panels and a battery, the Window Solar Charger is a sun-powered power-bank that lets you use clean energy to juice your devices like your phone, tablet, or other USB-powered devices.

Solar panels haven’t changed much in the past 60 years, but Krystal Persaud, the mind behind the Window Solar Charger, feels that people still haven’t globally adopted solar power in a big way. Solar power and the panels, often find themselves being used on rooftops, powering buildings and homes, or on things like backpacks, aiding people who love traveling. The regular, sit-at-home guy still doesn’t actively interact with the solar panel in a personal capacity, and the Window Solar Charger hopes to break that barrier. “Using renewable energy doesn’t have to be hard”, says Krystal, and the Window Solar Charger helps demystify the technology in an incredibly simple and useful way. Just hang the Window Solar Charger on a sunny window and you’re done! The panels absorb power through sunlight and top off the charger’s internal battery. You can directly plug your phone or tablet in, and the battery begins topping off your smart device, turning power from the sun into power you can use!

The Window Solar Charger isn’t a high-flying, mysteriously designed product either. The solar panels sit on a transparent platform, surrounded by a bamboo wood frame. A cotton cord on the top allows the charger to be hung from a hook either on a window, or even on a wall that gets ample sunlight. A 2,200 mAh internal battery gathers and stores the solar-power, helping you top off your devices using a USB output on the base of the charger. The Window Solar Charger can be used right out of the box, and is the first in a series of products designed by Krystal’s studio Grouphug, to help democratize solar power, which can be used not just on a macro level, but even in small households and offices, to charge your phone, tablet, or even perpetually power your smart-speaker, smart-doorbell, or closed-circuit cameras!