The Solar Panel Art Series Raise Awareness For More Renewables

The Solar Panel Art Series, in partnership with Paddle8 and Little Sun Foundation, has launched the second of three benefit auctions featuring Okuda San Miguel and other international artists. Proceeds from the auction of the 10 unique pieces of art will go to support Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun Foundation “Solar Kids Program,” which provides school children and teachers living off of the energy grid in Rwanda with access to clean and reliable light.

After raising more than $20,000 from their first benefit auction, The Solar Panel Art Series, powered by the magazine The Beam, continues to increase its social impact through three benefit series planned for 2018. The unique creations will be on display at a pop-up gallery in Berlin, providing an opportunity for the community to engage with the works and help raise awareness of the dire need for more renewables around the world, especially for those suffering as a result of energy poverty.

Abou Aboughazala, project manager of The Solar Panel Art Series, said “Global and mainstream adoption of more socially conscious behavior is essential in combating the rampant poverty our current economic model has created. We believe that art is an effective tool in engaging with the community on such matters using a language we all understand. The language of art. This project hopes to engage people about our collective responsibilities to take more individual action, no matter how big or small, this is how the community can facilitate genuine impact towards a brighter future.”

When asked on his thought on the project, Olafur Eliasson shared, “An artwork is never just the object; it is also the experience and its contextual impact, how it is used and enjoyed, and how it raises questions and changes ways of thinking and living. The Solar Panel Art Series does exactly that, and it is a great example of how to open up the discussion about renewable energy and the unequal distribution of energy today. In addition, they not only make us think, but also act.

“The Solar Panel Art Series decided to donate a part of their proceeds to the Little Sun Foundation, in order to bring light and study time to children in rural Rwanda, and we are very grateful for this. Collectively, we can work towards global togetherness and a better future, including energy access for all.”

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