The Renault EZ-Ultimo Is A Self-Driving Palace

Seldom do you come across a design that practically challenges everything you know about the category it belongs to. The Renault EZ-ultimo concept is that design. Sticking to the basics, the car comes with doors, wheels, seating, and the ability to transport you from A to B, but everything else about the EZ-ultimo is refreshing, and unfathomably beautiful.

Almost feeling like a palace on wheels, the EZ-ultimo is a magnificent melange of black and gold, and uses glass, mosaics, concentric patterns, and interiors that are more reminiscent of a luxury hotel than a luxury car… showing what one would consider to be clear architectural inspiration cues.

The interiors seat up to 3 people, and are designed to reflect French elegance and luxury. With wooden floors, leather upholstery, and even marblework (an automotive first, I believe), the car’s insides truly feel like a room. The seats come with a marble table running along the side, and an actual hanging lamp that illuminates the car’s insides. A latticed pattern along the sides (clearly an architectural detail) give you a grilled view of the outsides, as a glass mosaic on the outside translate to a carriage that looks almost like a gemstone on wheels. Speaking of which, even the wheels boast of ornamental detailing that simply captivates, even when still, giving the car the appearance of a carriage. The doors slide open like one too, allowing you to embark and disembark with flair.

Equipped with level 4 autonomous driving (which means you’ll need a driver on board), the EZ-ultimo is envisioned to cover a wide range of use cases… one of them being upscale ride-hailing because limousines are so last century!