The Lightest, Highest Energy Capacity Portable Li-Ion Battery Power Stations

Power banks charge mobiles and earphones. Power stations like the EnerVision, as the word ‘station’ would imply, are capable of MUCH more. Extremely portable for the kind of utility it offers, the EnerVision200 is a 51,200 mAh battery with an output of 190Wh, and weighing at 3.2 lbs it’s light enough to carry around anywhere. Engineered to be incredibly lightweight and portable, the EnerVision200 uses state-of-the-art Li-ion cylindrical cells as opposed to its competitors that rely on lead-acid batteries (like the ones found in cars). Unlike its competitors, the EnerVision provides good, clean energy. It doesn’t need fuel, doesn’t create emissions, and also manages to be lightweight, making carrying it around easier.

Designed to let you have running power wherever you go, the Enervision 200 comes with an AC 220V plug point, a 19V3A outlet, two USB ports, and a Type-C port. To give you an idea of the kind of heavy lifting the EnerVision 200 is capable of, it can completely charge your phone up to a staggering 30 times, or even your laptop up to 4 times. A power indicator tells you how much battery capacity the EV200 has left, and it even packs a flashlight on one end for good measure. The EV200’s bigger brother, the EV450 packs even more. Built with a 120,000 mAh (444Wh) battery, the EV450 can charge a laptop 8 times, and even has enough power to run a desktop for 4 hours. It also packs a car jump-starter, a cigarette lighter socket (like the ones found in cars), and even has 3 DC 12V outputs, aside from the USB ports and the AC 220V plug point. Weighing just 7.9lbs, the EV 450 even comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry around.

Both the EnerVision Power Stations were made expressly to carry your work or life with you without worrying about having any power supply nearby. Designed for predictable scenarios like outdoor photography/filming, camping, concerts, and long distance traveling to unpredictable scenarios like power outages, disaster relief, or even emergencies in places with no power supply, the EnerVision’s compact size, low weight, and Li-ion construction make it easy to carry around and have on you at all times. They can be charged either via a regular power socket, or even using EnerVision’s portable solar-panel mat, allowing you to work or live off-site for weeks without worrying about needing to constantly be near an electrical connection. Go ahead, be the best kind of wanderlust!