The High Efficient Production Line by Astroenergy

Solar module manufacturer Astronergy has developed the first of five production lines to achieve higher efficiency. The company will thus reduce the unit costs of the modules.

Astronergy has been constantly investing and optimizing its production lines since 2014 to ensure its production in Germany is always at the cutting edge of technology.

With the development, “K-line” will be able to produce 1000 modules at the same high quality instead of 700 modules. In the production line, improvements on self-diagnostics system and some components, have reduced interruptions. This means that the K-line will require less frequent maintenance. In addition, the retooling of the system has been simplified to provide a faster transition between different types of module production.

The efficiency of the K-line was developed by Astronergy’s own engineers. Andreas Lindner, Astronergy Engineering Director, says: “The whole team is extremely proud, especially as they planned, built and started up the line themselves. We did slightly underestimate the amount of work required to bring the line into operation, but we used the time to deploy better equipment with greater uptime and even better accuracy. This makes the new line much more productive, which is important for us to be able to manufacture competitive solar modules. Furthermore, since the production line is developed by using the company’s own expertise, possible problems can be solved directly with minimal delay.”

The K-line completed in mid-December is ready to work after a successful test run. Thanks to valuable work done by its own engineers, Astronergy was able to produce the new line with a more affordable budget. The company plans to launch a second line restructuring soon. These investments once again underline the long-term development and safeguarding taking place at the site.