The Handbook Of Li-Ion Battery Pack Design

Today lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are everywhere…they power our watches, smart phones, tablets, laptops, portable appliances, GPS devices, handheld games, and just about everything else we carry with us today. But they are also beginning to power our neighborhoods, our homes, and our vehicles, or perhaps when talking about transportation applications, it is more accurate to say that batteries power our transportation again. And today as these industries continue to experience rapid growth, many people who have not previously worked with Li-ion batteries now find themselves in the role of a business professional, technician, or engineer who is moving into the field of Li-ion batteries and are in need of an introduction to Li-ion battery technology. In that case, this book is designed specifically for you!

This book is intended to introduce a variety of topics that surround Li-ion batteries and battery design at a detailed enough level to make batteries understandable for the “layman.”

If you are an engineer, you will swiftly understand these concepts. However, if you are like many of us and are not an engineer, then this book will help you make sense of the world of Li-ion batteries and be able to speak intelligently about them. The concepts in this book are focused on vehicle electrification, but are also relevant to many other applications including stationary energy storage, marine and offshore vessels, industrial motive, robotics, and other types of electric applications. In essence, this book is intended to take the mystery out of modern battery applications. But let me make a disclaimer as we get started, this book is not intended to make you a battery engineer nor is it intended to replace your battery engineering team. It is instead a tool to add to your tool kit.

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