The Fall of America’s Leading Project in Clean Coal

The environment friendly Kemper Project, which aimed to using ‘clean coal’ has collapsed. The construction of the plant, which was started in the United States of Mississippi, was stopped.

Southern Company’s Kemper Energy Production Plant was aimed to be a worldwide leader in the use of clean coal. The plan, which will include carbon capture and storage technology, was abondoned by the Southern Company, due to its out budget, installation mistakes and delays. The Kemper Plant, which was designed to assume a leading role on the future of clean coal, was going to produce energy with lignite, the most abundant and least efficient form of coal.

While clean and sustainable energy transition has started all over the world, it was revealed that this long standing and highly invested project had construction problem and basic design flaws even at the early periods. According to an independent audit report; the facility, which has a fairly high target of 80% for capacity utilization, will only be producing 30-45% during the first three to five years and will not be able to reach its production target for nearly a decade.

The clean coal movement, backed by President of the United States, Donald Trump, failed to achieve success despite government support. This traditional fuel, which is the basis of the Industrial Revolution and intensive production, is gradually losing its place to low cost renewable energy sources.