The E-Bike That Knows When To Pedal

Simple and sophisticated, the oh!bike comes with a level of sensitivity, scalability, and planning that one expects from a bike that’s objective is to turn our cities electric and eco-friendly. With a design that looks great no matter the age or gender of the rider, and a performance that allows the oh!bike to be used in any urban or suburban setting, the oh!bike is smart, and coincidentally also the world’s lightest e-bike.

Weighing at just 15kg, the oh!bike sports a clever two-wheel drive. The pedals, operated by the rider, rotate the back wheel, while motion sensors on the pedal pick up your movements and assist them with a motorized drive on the front wheel. To balance the bike out, the battery (with a range of up to 50km) sits right in the middle, above the pedal, snapping on and off when you need, and powering the 250W motor. Ride in eco-mode, and the bike gives you a light assist, making you go further with each pedal, or switch to power-mode for a boost of up to 40%, helping you on tougher terrain, or when traveling uphill.

Designed in Barcelona and currently being turned into reality on Kickstarter, the bike meets not just environmental needs and engineering standards, it boasts of a home-friendly design too. The black-and-white design detail fits perfectly in any color setting, and the bike comes with foldable pedals and a rotating handlebar that lets you slide it into the thinnest of spaces, storing it for another day. The battery is detachable too, and charges via USB, allowing you to juice up at home or even on the road… and at a mere 15kgs, the world’s lightest e-bike makes a strong, ambitious attempt to wean the city off its dependence on fossil fuels and the unreliability/inefficiency of public transport and usher in an age of smart, assisted, electric riding!