Tesla All Set to Expand Its Horizons With Its Manufacturing Plant in Shanghai

Earlier this week, Tesla CEO attended the incredible ceremony of the Shanghai Gigafactory of Tesla revealing new possibilities and strategies for the future of this Chinese manufacturing plant.

As shared by an ever-excited Musk on the ceremony, “This will be the most advanced Tesla Gigafactory. With resources here, we are able to build this factory in record time, and we are hoping to have initial production of Tesla Model 3 toward the end of the year and volume production next year.”

This new manufacturing plant of the American company has been under construction for a few months now. Musk’s plan includes making at least half a million cars on a yearly basis in China.

This number is only expected to be doubled in the subsequent years, which is huge given that the United States produces less than half the number every year.

The initial construction work is set to be completed by this summer after which, Tesla will focus on manufacturing the Model 3 as Christmas 2019 approaches.

News reveals that this is going to be the cheapest version Tesla will ever produce in its impressive repertoire of vehicles.

The construction of the factory has been taking place in the Lingang Industrial Zone of Shanghai, and the Chinese government believes this is the most massive foreign investment Shanghai has seen in the field of manufacturing.

Musk aims to build affordable cars for the city although Tesla will continue manufacturing pricier versions for global markets in America.

As Musk tweeted, “Shanghai Giga output is just for greater China, not North America. Affordable cars must be made on the same continent as customers.”