Talesun Solar was founded in 2010.

Through more than 10 years of innovation, development and a real manpower consideration, our company has been rated as one of world’s Top 10 module manufacturers & suppliers, Tier 1 in Bloomberg Ranking, and one of the largest photovoltaic power station developers.

Our downstream business includes solar photovoltaic project development, design, EPC construction, operation & maintenance and one-stop system integration solutions for our dear customers.

Since 2015, TALESUN has launched in parallel Photovoltaic programs to help farming areas and poor villages.

Through constantly improving our conversion efficiencies and the quality of PV cells and modules, optimizing project solution design, pushing the decrease of solar energy cost, we contribute to the development of a global clean and environment-friendly energy, thus improving our proud to be a part of this company and playing a real role in the saving of the Earth.


Anne-Sophie DALLERY
+33 667 07 5218


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