Sunrun Is Catching Up To Tesla In The U.S. Residential Solar Market

After Tesla, SunRun as the second biggest residental solar energy systems manufacturer in the US, is about to capture Tesla’s installation volume.

The technology giant Tesla, started to presence in residental solar installation with the acquisation of SolarCity – former dominating firm in the sector- in 2016 and has reserved 109MW installation in the third quarter of 2017. At the same time, SunRun has shown a similar performance to Tesla with 93MW installation in the same quarter, through taking 17% of Tesla’s market share.

If the company continues its upward trend, it may become a leader in 2018 and leaving Tesla behind. However, this development is not expected to advance further on Tesla’s market share.

Though SunRun’s third quarter report for 2017 does not list the sold and leased figures separately, depending on previous analysis it is estimated that this ratio is 20% sold and 80% leased. While Tesla’s total solar power of 109MW in the third quarter of 2017 constitues 46% of sales.

However, Vivint, another company in the sector, reported that 90% of its 53MW installation capacity in the same quarter was constituted by third party leases. Apart from SunRun and Vivint, just as Tesla, other companies in the sector seem to have started to focus on sales.

Along with them, Tesla also has some uncertanity in its 2017 report, the share of commercial and residental installation are not mentioned separately. However, it is also noted that the company is withdrawn from low-margin commercial solar energy installations. At this point, Tesla’s residential solar power installation may had a close capacity to SunRun.

It is clear that SunRun is going to increase capacity while Tesla is going to continue to diversifying its presence in the sector with Gigafactory and solar tiles. If it is considered there will be possible ventures from companies like Vivint, it is obvious that solar energy sector in the US will see many changes.