Sun-Wind Hybrid System From Vestas And Energias De Portugal Renováveis

Renewable energy companies, Vestas and Energias de Portugal Renováveis ​​are aiming to increase the energy production capacity by solar and wind energy hybrid system to be installed in Cádiz, Spain.

The Vestas V112-3.0 MW turibine will be combined with 372 kW solar photovoltaic for the system to be built in Energias de Portugal Renováveis ​​wind energy plant in Cadiz. Thus, the PV panels will feed the wind turbines as direct current and the power will be transformed into the system of the turbines without being transmitted to the network. With this installation, companies aim to increase the overall capacity factor and annual energy production.

Within the scope of the project, Vestas has upgraded the technical specifications of the turbine’s controllers, converters and design, and also provided a new hardware installation. The system, which will reduce the number of converters by using the full-scale converter, will connect wind and solar energy via the power electronics of the turbines, thus it will reduce energy production costs with lower equipment costs.

The cooperation between Vestas and Energias de Portugal Renováveis will provide mutual benefits and it seems to will result in a significant decline in the costs of energy production. The development of this hybrid installation will also help to reduce the need for battery storage by minimizing interruptions in energy resources. In parallel to its expanding market share, it is clear that such technological developments in renewable energy systems will further increase production capacities.