Space Train

SpaceTrain concept pays homage to the legendary project of the Aerotrain, an avant-garde achievement of the engineer Jean Bertin and his team who were active in the 50s and 60s. The modern Spacetrain aims to connect and exceed the same 12 mile line of the Aerotrain located between the French cities of Saran and Ruan that remains currently unused.

The subterranean train system would circulate in a system of tunnels operating in a low pressure atmosphere at near-supersonic speeds. This innovative tunnel system isn’t just ideal for speed, it also prevents vibration and noise that would otherwise disrupt nearby neighborhoods and the environment. The first prototype is said to use a hydrogen turbine engine and be constructed in carbon fiber with graphene carbon breaks, graphene batteries, fuel cells and a myriad of other technologically advanced features. In short, it’s a mesmerizingly fast people mover with a whopping top speed of 745 mph!