SolarPower Europe Wins Overall Best European Association at the European Association Awards 2019

SolarPower Europe has been awarded ‘Overall Best European Association’ at the European Association Awards (EAA).

Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe said “We are delighted to receive the award for Best European Association after what has been an outstanding year for SolarPower Europe. With the strong support of our over 200 members, we have been able to deliver excellent results on all fronts from pioneering events, market intelligence to huge policy achievements on trade, industrial policy and the Clean Energy Package, positioning us as a major force in the European energy sector. This award also mirrors the success of our clean energy technology, that solar is the world’s fastest growing energy source and the lowest-cost form of electricity production in many European countries today. Finally, the award is a recognition of the commitment of the SolarPower Europe team and gives us further motivation to reach our vision, that more energy is generated from solar than any other energy source by 2030.’’

SolarPower Europe also won silver in the Best Advocacy Campaign category, therefore, leaving the event with two awards.

In 2018, SolarPower Europe celebrated major policy wins. Leading the push for a higher 2030 renewable target, in June 2018 the EU institutions agreed to a 32% renewable energy target up from 27%. A positive framework for solar self-consumption was achieved, with the EU Clean Energy Package ensuring a new right to self-generate, consume and store the energy that European households and businesses produce. 2018 also saw the removal of the trade tariffs on imported solar panels and cells, marking a new era of even more affordable solar for EU citizens, in effect, propelling the energy transition. Another achievement for SolarPower Europe was the launch of the Clean Energy Industrial Forum in January 2018. SolarPower Europe fronted calls for such a Forum for the renewables industry, aiming to introduce an industrial strategy for the solar value chain in Europe.

The European Association Awards have been developed to recognise excellence and exceptional achievements in European trade and professional associations. The European Association Awards 2019 took place on Thursday 28th of March at Le Plaza Hotel in Brussels.