Solar Powered Lucy Reflects Sunlight Indoors To Brighten Any Room

Lack of sunlight can lead to everything from Vitamin D deficiency to seasonal affective disorder. Solenica, founded by Diva Tommei, came up with a bright solution: Lucy, a smart, solar-powered natural lighting system. Lucy tracks sunlight and reflects it inside to brighten even the darkest spaces. Solenica is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, offering Lucy for a reduced price.

According to Solenica, for 90 percent of our lives we live indoors, missing out on the benefits of natural sunlight. Those who live through dreary winters or are simply more sensitive to a lack of light suffer. Solenica’s Lucy eases that suffering through an “articulated mirror” that follows the sun using a “proprietary algorithm” to reflect bright light into a home throughout the day. Lucy makes slight adjustments as the sun moves to bring more sunshine inside. Lucy can be placed indoors or outdoors – Solenica also sells a security lock if users want to place the device outside – and can easily be moved to different spots around the home.