Solar Energy From The Sahara Desert Will Reach to Europe

TuNur, a Tunisian energy company, is planning to produce electricity for Europe with a solar energy plant to be built in the Sahara desert. If the planned power plant with a capacity of 4.5 GW, is approved by the Tunisian government, it will supply electricity to Malta, Italy and France via submarine cabling.

Approximately $ 6 trillion will be invested in the solar energy plant, which is expected to start construction within the year 2018. The cable to Italy would be implemented in 2022, and the line will be reach to France by 2024.

The plant, planned to be built with a fairly high budget, will be exposed to twice as much sunshine compared to facilities in Central Europe due to its special location. Correspondingly the production efficiency of the power plant will also be quite high.

However, there are doubts about TuNur’s supporter Nur Energie’s ability to implement a plan of this magnitude. Also some believe that a project like TuNur can harm local people’s interests and breach their rights.