Smart Ground That Generate Electricity With Only One Step

Developed by the London-based company Pavegen, the intelligent ground design generates energy with every single step. The tiles, which were design to produce enough energy to illuminate the public areas, can light an LED bulb for about 20 seconds with only one step.

The kinetic energy-based system initiates the power-generating rotational movements of the electromagnetic induction generators by means of the steps taken.

In addition to power generation, the wireless API sensor, which can collect data about pedestrian traffic, can predict consumer trends and help create heat maps of popular urban spaces.

Also, with possible availability in the marketing sector, these smart tiles can be used in a store, and customers will be able to make digital monies with their steps, thus they can use digital money both for shopping and for charitable purposes by using smartphone apps.

These intelligent tiles, which will make energy consumption and production more concrete and accessible, can be used in many forms of creativity with win-win logic.