SMA, Will Presents Its Future-Proof Solutions At Intersolar2018

SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) will be presenting its solutions for the future of the world of energy at Intersolar 2018. Interconnected systems, smart module technology for selective deployment, the integration of storage and intelligent energy management make an independent, reliable and low-cost energy supply possible for residential and commercial PV system operators and installers. Under the spotlight is the ennexOS platform for digital, multi-sector energy management, which has been nominated for the smarter E AWARD. The Sunny Central Storage is a finalist in the storage applications category of the prestigious ees AWARD. The battery inverter guarantees maximum grid stability in large-scale storage applications and delivers grid-quality solar power to off-grid areas.

“Photovoltaics accounts for an ever-growing proportion of worldwide electricity generation, and it is going to play an increasingly important role in future energy supplies,” said Dr. Jürgen Reinert, CTO/COO of SMA. “Based on our experience, we can already offer our customers future-proof applications for making efficient use of solar power in a decentralized and digital energy world. With the innovative ennexOS energy management platform, SMA has established a basis for multi-sector energy management. It enables users to benefit from new business models for generating, storing and marketing solar power. At Intersolar Europe 2018, coneva, SMA’s new subsidiary, will be presenting digital energy solutions based on ennexOS that companies can use to combine energy generation and consumption across all sectors. coneva is also developing comprehensive white-label solutions for the modern energy market for companies such as public utilities, housing associations and telecommunications companies.”

Using more self-generated energy

In the field of private PV systems, the SMA Power+ Solution employs smart module technology that can be used for specific applications and the SMA Smart Connected service function integrated directly within the inverter for maximum energy yields and convenience for system owners and installers. For example, it can be used with the new Sunny Tripower 3.0–6.0 PV inverter. The small three-phase inverter for residential PV systems is lighter and more compact than all previous three-phase SMA inverters and cuts installation time by roughly 30%. For homeowners who wish to use even more self-generated energy themselves with the aid of a battery storage system, the new Sunny Boy Storage 3.7–6.0 battery inverter offers the option of integrating up to three different high-voltage batteries.

Efficiently managing energy flows

SMA’s Data Manager M opens up new possibilities for customers to use their energy independently, efficiently and flexibly and to save even more on costs. The energy manager works on the basis of the ennexOS energy management platform in commercial solar applications in concert with the Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS to implement optimized communication, monitoring and, coming in the future, management of all energy flows. The new Sunny Design Pro powered by ennexOS ensures better efficiency in the planning of PV systems. For the first time, system planners can plan commercial systems across all sectors, simulate operations and calculate overall costs for the system. It takes into account electric power generators and appliances, battery storage systems and thermal components, such as heaters and heat pumps.

There is more good news for operators of commercial applications. The new Sunny Tripower Storage three-phase battery inverter enables high-voltage batteries to be incorporated flexibly into commercial and industrial PV storage systems with outputs of up to 1 MW. Users can thereby optimize their load flows and save on electricity procurement costs.

New solutions for PV power plants

With maximum return on investment thanks to flexible planning, rapid project implementation and simple servicing, the new Sunny Highpower PEAK3 inverter with up to 150 kW output can be used in decentralized PV power plants with 1,500 V direct voltage. In PV power plants with central architectures, the new Sunny Central 3000-EV ensures lower specific costs and even better power density. It enables reductions in system costs of as much as 10% and will continue to run at full performance even at temperatures as high as 35°C thanks to the OptiCool intelligent cooling system. With its flexible data and signal interfaces, the new SMA Power Plant Manager enables simple system integration on the basis of the new ennexOS energy management platform. PV system operators can enjoy the benefits of reliable system operation and efficient maintenance functions. Sunny Central Storage is used in large-scale storage power plants. As part of the SMA storage solution for large-scale PV applications, the battery inverter, which has been nominated for the ees AWARD, ensures the intelligent, grid-connected integration of megawatt-class storage systems with and without PV systems.