SMA Received Two Awards At Intersolar2018

The ennexOS energy management platform by SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) has won the smarter E AWARD given out for the first time at Intersolar2018 in Munich. The innovative IoT platform for cross-sector energy management prevailed in the Smart Renewable Energy category. ennexOS combines heating, climate control, electricity and mobility sectors. The Sunny Central Storage won this year’s ees AWARD in the “Electrical Energy Storage” category. The battery inverter guarantees maximum grid stability in large-scale storage applications and delivers grid-quality solar power to off-grid regions.

“Two major awards at the same time is a great honor for SMA and a confirmation of our high level of innovation. Once again, it has become clear that SMA can provide the right solutions for the increasingly decentralized and digital energy supply of the future,” said Dr. Jürgen Reinert, SMA Chief Technology Officer. “With the energy management platform ennexOS and the Sunny Central Storage, the jury has honored two solutions that pave the way for all users of energy toward the renewable energy supply of tomorrow.”

Easy connection of energy sectors

“ennexOS enables the combination of all energy flows in an energy system and takes into account electric power generators and appliances, battery storage systems as well as thermal components, such as heating and heat pumps,” said Maik Brüschke, Head of Product Group Solutions Residential & Commercial at SMA. “With standard industry protocols and the convenient application via apps in the future, the energy management platform allows for easily connecting all sectors. Thanks to modular expandability of ennexOS, our customers will be able to use their energy more independently, efficiently and flexibly in the future while significantly reducing costs and creating new business models.”

Seamless integration of renewable energies

The Sunny Central Storage is used in large-scale storage power plants and makes a key contribution to the seamless integration of renewable energies into utility grids. As part of the SMA storage solution for large-scale PV applications, the battery inverter ensures the intelligent, grid-connected integration of megawatt-class storage systems with and without PV systems worldwide. In the last twelve months alone, SMA has supplied Sunny Central Storage battery inverters with a total capacity of more than 400 MW in storage projects in the United Kingdom, California, Germany, South Korea and the Caribbean.

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