SMA Partners With SolarCoin Foundation And SolarLux

SMA Solar Technology AG will examine the possibilities to capitalize on the use of the SolarCoin reward – for itself and its customers. To this end, SMA has partnered with the Hong Kong based startup SolarLux to evaluate the feasibility of onboarding a large number of PV Plant owners into the SolarCoin ecosystem via the world’s largest solar energy monitoring platform, SMA’s Sunny Portal.

“SolarCoin is one of the most interesting projects in the block chain space, which SMA has followed for quite some time,” explained Dr. Matthias Victor, Head of Technology Center & Services at SMA. “We are currently assessing what added value a direct access to SolarCoin via the Sunny Portal may bring to our customers.”

The mission of SolarCoin Foundation is to accelerate the global energy transition by rewarding solar producers with SolarCoin, the first energy-referenced currency. SolarCoin is gaining traction within the industry as an additional incentive for solar energy producers. The low carbon blockchain token (SLR) is exclusively granted for free to solar energy producers at the rate of one SolarCoin for one megawatt hour of solar power generated. SolarCoin provides cash value and as a solar currency helps reduce solar financing costs globally.

Together with SMA, SolarLux, a startup specialized in helping the solar industry to make use of the opportunities SolarCoin offers, is exploring how SolarCoin can best be integrated into SMA’s popular Sunny Portal. Claiming SolarCoins could become easy for more than 300,000 Sunny Portal monitored plants and likely increase both the Sunny Portal and SolarCoin digital currency user bases significantly. If the ongoing proof-of-concept shows enough potential for SMA it could be rolled out to all Sunny Portal customers equipped with suitable SMA communication technology.

“We are excited to see one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the solar industry recognize the value of SolarCoin,” said Nick Gogerty, Co-Founder of SolarCoin. “It is our goal to add value to the global solar industry. We are watching the industry explore new uses of the publicly open SolarCoin blockchain technology every day.” SMA believes that if the proof-of-concept succeeds it could see multiple innovative ways to create value for its customers.

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