Second Mega Battery Project In Australia Will Surpass Tesla

The energy storage battery, which will be built by British businessman Sanjeev Gupta in southern Australia, will back up a new solar energy facility in Whyalla Steelworks.

SIMEC ZEN Energy’s storage facility is expected to provide long-term support to Whyalla’s Steelworks , as well as additional benefits to the South Australian grid. The storage facility with a capacity of 120MW, will overtake Musk’s 100MW facility which is the current world’s largest energy storage system in Australia.

This new storage project will be located in Port Augusta and be supported by a grant of $ 10 million from the Weatherill government. In 2016, Australia suffered long blackout across the country with violent storms. The new gigantic battery will deal with energy shortages and will respond to increased energy demand, especially in the summer months.