Schletter Group Supplies Largest Solar Park In The Philippines

Schletter Group continues its growth course in Southeast Asia. The company supplies the mounting systems for a 150 MW solar power plant in the Philippines.

Only last month, Schletter had been commissioned to supply the PV mounting systems for the largest solar power plant in Vietnam. “The fact that we are now also supplying the mounting systems for the largest greenfield plant in the Philippines is another important success in customer acquisition for the Schletter Group,” said Florian Roos, Head of Schletter Asia. “The new order shows that we are already extremely well positioned in the Asian growth market.” The Schletter Group had established its own distribution company in the Philippines in June.

Production site in Shanghai

Schletter is already the largest foreign supplier of PV mounting systems in Asia today. “Our branches in the key countries of Southeast Asia and the proximity to our production site in Shanghai enable us to meet the growing demand for PV systems in Southeast Asia,” Roos added. The Schletter Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of photovoltaic mounting systems made of aluminum and steel.

Wind speeds up to 260 km/h

The solar power plant is being built on the Philippine main island of Luzon on behalf of a local EPC company. It is the Schletter Group’s first project in the Philippines. The main challenge for this solar park is enormous wind loads, from June to November the island of Luzon is regularly plagued by strong typhoons with wind speeds of up to 260 km/h.

Load optimized system with additional corrosion protection

In order to withstand such wind loads, the particularly corrosion-resistant two-column system Schletter FS AS Duo will be used for this plant. In combination with load-optimized Z-purlins, this creates a very stable substructure, which can be installed quickly. Additional corrosion protection is provided by a coating with a newly developed aluminum-magnesium-zinc alloy (SMAC Coating). Since the mounting systems are largely prefabricated, they can be assembled quickly, which increases economic efficiency. Construction is scheduled to begin as early as this month. (HCN)

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