A leading producer of innovative light metal products, Schletter develops and produces state-of-the-art solar mounting systems and sustainable products from aluminium and high-grade steel. The company is constantly evolving and has become a recognized supplier of products in the areas of solar technology and traffic engineering, trade fairs and environmental technology, as well as in customized solutions. Our versatile and extensive production capability gives us the scope to provide solutions to the most ambitious of your customers, from small handicrafts businesses through to corporate clients.

Motivated, specialist personnel guarantee a wide range of services and a high level of in-house production. State-of-the-art machinery, high production capacities and quick delivery are the hallmarks of efficiency of our global, industrial enterprise. Your orders are processed and realized in our computer-operated canting and welding center, in the nibbling-laser-cutting facilities and in our new extrusion plant. We hereby offer an optimal production strategy while ensuring that you receive a finished product right down to the transport-ready packaging. Schletter GmbH assures adherence to quality standards and maintains ownership for the entire production- and delivery chain.

Our calculations are based on our own production costs thus optimizing the added value to yourselves. Enjoy the competitive benefit to be gained from a single-location, end-to-end manufacturing line including in-house tool construction and the procurement of raw materials from international suppliers. The implementation of transparent and repeatable processes is of fundamental importance to us, from receipt of order through to final delivery. Consistent and thorough analysis of complaints contributes to the optimization of this process.

With Schletter GmbH you can leverage from innovative ideas and professional project management but still we pride ourselves in maintaining the flexibility of a medium-sized business thanks to the Lean Manufacturing concept and short decision-making processes. Our products speak for themselves: from the smallest- to the largest series and from the simplest profile to the most complex system, we deliver quality performance across the board!

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Nurshen Mustafa
+49 8072 9191 0

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