Royal Mail Trials E-Trikes To Deliver Letters And Parcels In A More Environmentally-Friendly Way

The zero-emission e-Trikes are designed to reduce road danger, congestion and air pollution to help reduce CO2 emissions in urban areas.

The e-Trikes will operate in Stratford, Cambridge & Sutton Coldfield later this month for a 6 month trial period, it will then be decided whether Royal Mail will expand the fleet more widely across the country. The trikes are powered by a combination of solar, battery, pedal and brake technology and are able to carry letters, cards and parcels on roads and some cycle paths.

Director of Public affairs & policy at Royal Mail, David Gold, states “We are committed to making changes to our operations which reduce our environmental impact whilst ensuring we continue to meet customer expectations.”

The trikes are supported by TFL, who believe this pioneering trial could help to clean up London’s toxic air.

Will Norman, London’s walking and cycling commissioner is delighted that Royal Mail has decided to trail the e-Trikes which he argues “will take polluting vehicles off the streets, helping to reduce congestion.” He also states “I hope this trial will be extended and other delivery companies follow Royal Mail’s lead so that many more communities can benefit.”

Perhaps other UK delivery services will join Royal Mail to take a step in the right direction in reducing emissions and subsequently pollution in order to combat climate change.