Raw Cloth Bag

About SolarVizyon / Raw Cloth Bag Printing
SolarVizyon printed raw cloth bags draw attention to the use of clean energy sources with their 3 different designs. Cloth bags designed to prevent the climate crisis can be preferred especially for personal use. Eco-friendly tote bags, which can be used during the day with their stylish appearance, can also be preferred as a good tool to increase awareness and importance of clean energy use due to its style and being fashionable at the moment.

35×40 cm cloth bags, prepared using high quality materials thanks to printing, have a handle length of 70 cm and weigh approximately 20 kg. can carry as much weight.

130-140 gr. in raw cloth bags. fabric is used. There may be deviations of +/- 1.5 cm in our width-length-handle measurements due to handwork. The preferred design should also be selected when creating the order.

Product Features:
Products are suitable for hand washing.
It is 100% cotton natural fabric.
Fit for one-way printing.