Panasonic and SolarEdge Team On Optimized High-Performance Smart Module

Panasonic Eco Solutions of North America and SolarEdge Technologies have teamed to offer the Panasonic ‘HIT’ (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer) ‘S Series’ PV module, using power optimizers that offer greater design flexibility for higher power efficiency and lower installation costs with a higher ROI.

The US residential PV market is rapidly shifting to high-performance modules to reduce system costs and cater for high-consumption as Electric Vehicles and energy storage become increasingly popular due to utility companies changing policies to partial and full self-consumption.

With advanced electronics built in, Module-level Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) allows each module to individually generate maximum energy output. Strings of up to 6kWp in residential systems can be deployed for increased design flexibility on complex roofs. Individual MPPT allows panels on multiple roof facets, orientations, and tilts, meaning more panels and higher power output per system. Power loss from shading and module mismatch is also reduced, helping generate even more power output from each panel.

Main application segment will be US residential rooftops.