Pamukcu Village Solar Farm

Agriculture constitutes the main economic activity for Pamukçu, a village near Balıkesir in Turkey. The soil conditions in the region are not as arid as the ones in the Central and Southeast Anatolian regions of Turkey. One of the most significant cost factors for the farmers is energy, which is mainly needed for irrigation purposes, as the access to water is essential for their

With regards to increasing electricity prices, cutting dependencies from expensive fossil energy imports makes sound sense. Trina Solar supplied the Turkish Balıkesir Pamukçu Irrigation Association with a total of 613 PV modules.

The multi-crystalline TSM-PC05-245 modules, with a power output of 150 kWp, generate electricity for the village’s water pumping station and so support the community in reducing their energy costs. This, in turn, helps to increase the profit from selling their produce.

The rural areas in Turkey often have a lack of water and electricity – but plenty of sun. By linking a PV system to a water pumping station, both issues can be resolved in a sustainable way. The PV system provides the Irrigation Union with an independent water supply and reduces people’s energy bills. Trina Solar is proud to support local communities with cutting-edge solar technology.

This is the very first agricultural solar power project of this scale among all the Irrigation Unions in Turkey and could set an example for a highly efficient and profitable way to reduce energy costs and support local farmers.