Oxford PV Gets German Support For Perovskite Solar

UK perovskite solar firm Oxford PV said Thursday it and several German partners will work to prepare perovskite solar cell technology for high volume manufacturing.

The German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy has granted EUR 2.8 million (USD 3.2m) in funding for the project. Oxford PV is leading the consortium, which also includes the Technical University of Berlin, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Von Ardenne GmbH, and Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin.

Oxford PV said in June it had reached a conversion efficiency of 27.3% for a perovskite-silicon solar cell, setting a new world record. Its pilot line is already producing commercial sized tandem cells and its CEO Frank Averdung says some further optimisation of the process is needed ahead of commercial deployment.

The consortium will work to optimise the perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell architecture in order to further improve efficiency on industrial 156 mm x 156 mm wafer formats, refine industrial scale process technology, and carry out life-cycle analysis to inform the social-environmental impact of the tandem solar cells.