Niu’s Latest E-Scooters And The Future of City Commuting

NIU’s literally been making waves. With its scooters having clocked in over a billion kilometers worldwide, NIU is officially the largest e-scooter company in the world. Sporting a lovable design (courtesy NIU’s Design VP and personal design hero Carl Liu) that feels like the Vespa got modern touch and some incredible under-the-hood upgrades, NIU hopes to reimagine electric two-wheeling.

Launching not one, but two models simultaneously, NIU’s NGT promises to be the company’s most powerful model yet, and the M+ powerful mobility with a rider as well as a pillion passenger.

Armed with a 3kW Bosch motor, and not one, but two 60V 35Ah (that’s 35,000mAh) batteries courtesy Panasonic, the NGT is sleek, and comes with a bold racing stripe that’s slightly offset, giving it a speedy vibe. The incredibly powerful Bosch motor lets the NGT hit speeds of 70km/h, while the dual battery setup gives it a range of over 100km, which means realistically, you’d need to charge your batteries twice in the entire week. The removable batteries can be easily plugged into a power outlet and juiced to 100% in just over 3 hours, or before lunch, as the narrator in the video says!

The M+ focuses on a rider+passenger experience, delivering a stellar 100km range even with two passengers. The M+ comes with a 1.2kW Bosch motor that gives the bike a top speed of 45k/h, while the battery on the inside is a lightweight 48V, 42Ah Panasonic Li-Ion battery that weighs a mere 11 kilos and can easily be detached and carried around anywhere. The M+ also features a cruise-control feature that lets you take your hand off the throttle as the scooter continues gliding at the same speed.