GoodWe Continues to Expand Its Portfolio

GoodWe, one of the world’s leading players in commercial & industrial PV inverter solutions with its MT Series (50-80kW) inverters, which are highly successful worldwide and honored with TÜV Rheinland’s 2020 “All Quality Matters” award, offers the new HT Series (100-250kW) string inverters to the market.

The MT Series, which is already quite successful with a power range of up to 80kW below 1100Vdc, is now being replaced by the HT Series, which is the largest capacity PV inverter in the GoodWe product basket and can reach up to 250kW.

While MT Series continues to take part in existing projects with its high production efficiency and capacity to work even at 50 degrees Celsius; The new HT Series will take part in various projects in the new period, with its higher savings in installation, increased energy production, and the highest possible level of security according to the most demanding national standards by diversifying the current monitoring options.