New Science & Technology Museum in China

Global architecture firm Perkins + will has been selected to design a Science and Technology Museum in Suzhou, a major city located about 62 miles (100 km) northwest of Shanghai. Forming the centerpiece of a new cultural district, the design of the 600,000-square-foot (55,742 sqm) institution comprises a distinctive looping form and is surrounded by terraced landscapes. The museum includes an industrial exhibition hall, where displays will highlight the role of industrial development in enriching lives.

The building’s ribbon-like form emerges from the base of lion mountain, twisting upward and turning back on itself to cantilever out over the edge of shishan lake. The result is an infinity loop, a symbol of prosperity, while the architects say that the building’s metallic facades call to mind a flowing silk scarf, one of Suzhou’s best known exports. Meanwhile, connected by walkway to the museum, an archipelago of eco islands serve as both a filtration system for the lake and as an opportunity for environmental exploration and education.