New PV Auctions in Greece

2018 is going to be a pivotal year for Greece’s energy sector, including in renewables. An auction for new solar PV plants is expected to attract global attention; however other changes currently underway are also expected to be effective for the long term development of the Greek PV industry.

Greece’s energy regulator, RAE presented its proposals for new renewable energy auctions at a seminar held last week in the capital, Athens.

RAE’s idea for 2018 is to auction, individually, 300 MW of solar PV, 300 MW of wind; and 400 MW of combined solar PV and wind capacity, via a joint auction.

RAE suggests the same scenario for 2019, while for 2020, it estimates that 300 MW of solar PV and an additional 300 MW of wind, auctioned separately, will suffice.

Furthermore, to enable meaningful competition, RAE will only allow an auction to take place when the minimum capacity registers to bid, which the regulator sets at 180% of the amount of power to be auctioned. For example, if Greece is to auction 100 MW of solar PV, the auction will take place as long as a minimum of 180 MW of bids has been registered.

If an auction does not award enough contracts to fulfill the amount of power to be auctioned, then the remaining capacity will be transferred to next year’s auction, said RAE.

Greece’s new renewable energy auctions will build on the country’s renewable energy law, legislated in 2016. The country also ran a pilot auction in December 2016, awarding 40 MW of solar PV capacity.