New Generation Container Batteries

GE’s new energy storage container will bring efficiency to installation times. With the standardized large-scale battery, the 1.2 megawatt, 4 megawatt hour Reservoir system will provide a strategic change in storage practice of energy.

GE’s large-scale batery is not new in the industry; Fluence, BYD, Mitsubishi, LG, Samsung and many other brands already offer several container battery solutions. The distinguishing feature of GE’s range batteries is their low cost by standardizing the battery and quality controls to be made in factory.

Container battery systems that are usually shipped without battery cells due to weight, safety, or quality concerns will meet with a new installation of GE’s new design. Thus, the battery, that can be traveled with the system, will be fully tested and installed in a controlled environment.

The new generation of large batteries, which will remove the time-intensive battery installation, is aimed at reducing the installation time to half. Based on research conducted at the company’s Global Research Center in New York, the product is also provided high-tech joints such as battery testers and silicon carbide inverters. GE will be able to provide 15-20 years of durability to its customers with large batteries that can be traveled and installed quickly.

Renewable energies which were assumed as alternative sources, quickly become major power suppliers, while variable production capacities due to natural conditions are increasing the importance of storage methods.