Men’s Sweatshirt – Hoodie

About SolarVizyon / Men’s Sweatshirt Hoodie Print
SolarVizyon Men’s Sweatshirts draw attention to the use of clean energy sources with their 3 different designs, black and ecru. While it offers high comfort with its 3-thread raising fabric, it also allows long-lasting use with its high print quality. Thanks to its raising interior, it provides soft and comfortable use. Sweatshirts, which are heavily preferred especially in winter and spring months, can also be preferred for personal uses with their designs aimed at preventing the climate crisis.

The 3-piece hoodie provides both comfort and high-level protection. Especially designed for daily use, sweatshirts are designed to suit all tastes and needs with 2 different color options.

Men’s Sweatshirts are produced using 3-thread raising fabric. Unlike sweatshirts, which are generally produced using 2 yarns, the third yarn plays a role in increasing the thickness and quality of the sweatshirt. Sweatshirts made of 3 yarns are also resistant to shrinkage after washing. Thanks to its special raising fabric, your sweatshirt will be fuller and softer, while keeping it warmer in winter.

Sweatshirt patterns are standard and can be ordered in 4 different size options. The product color and design should also be selected while creating the order. If you are one of those who want to be a little big and comfortable, it may be more suitable for you to choose 1 size larger when choosing the size. You can use the size chart to choose the most suitable size.

Hooded Sweatshirt Size Chart

  • It is produced from 3 yarn fabric, the inner side is raising.
  • There are size labels on the collar of the products.
  • Products are shipped in single transparent bags.
  • Sweatshirts do not have pockets.
  • You can order the same colors in different sizes.
  • It is suitable for gentle washing on the inside at maximum 30 degrees in the machine. Not suitable for tumble dryer.
  • Products should be ironed on the reverse side and without too much pressure so that the print is not spoiled.
  • Print and fabric quality are suitable for long-term use.
  • Printed ink is compatible with the skin and does not contain any chemicals harmful to human health.
  • There may be slight differences in color tones and texture of the fabric, provided that the fabric properties remain the same.
  • There may be slight differences in dimensions due to sewing and fabric stretching.
  • It is recommended to wash the product inside out before using it.