McDonald’s Goes Green

World renowned fast food chains, will reduce the greenhouse gas emission rate by 36% by 2030 with the improvements at restaurants and offices. This amount is equivalent to 150 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions which is also equivalent to withdrawal of 32 million cars from traffic for one year.
The cuts include the production of beef, the energy and resource usage of restaurants, packaging and waste, that are the largest part of McDonald’s carbon footprint. These areas account for about 64% of the restaurant chain’s total global emissions.
McDonald’s plans to achieve its goal by working with its franchises and suppliers, including setting up LED lighting and energy-saving kitchen equipment, moving to more environmentally friendly packaging, accelerating recycling efforts and adopting sustainable farming practices.
The company, which aims to encourage and use of renewable energy efficiently, will reduce waste and increase recycling. According to Francesca DeBiase, Supply Chain and Sustainability Officer of McDonald’s, these developments will not create cost, conversely will reduce the company’s energy costs.
The restaurant chain, which will spread its positive influence over a very large area using its enormous size and scale, is showing a very ambitious stand with its new vision. We would like to see soon the impacts of this powerful vision which centered environment and future, in everywhere.