Macedonia’s First PV Factory Started Production

Small Eastern European country Macedonia has its very own home grown solar panel factory now. With a small manufacturing capacity of 20 MW, the facility is still significant for the country as it’s the first such factory there.

The owner, Pikcell Group, is a technology company that has set up the facility in the country’s capital Skopje, where it is producing monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar PV modules. Module classification for both include 270 W and 330 MW, each. It is also manufacturing PV thermal modules. The fab has been operational since May 2018. It was set up in collaboration with Solar-ET that produces thermal solar collectors.

The company says that its production line is fully automated. It includes multiple quality checks throughout the production process including cell testing, 100% visual mirror inspection, EL testing and PV sun simulator testing.

Pikcell Group is targeting residential and business customers, both domestically and abroad, with its PiK series of PV modules.