LONGi Solar Panels Now Powers SMLC

SMLC – the first PepsiCo bottler in the Middle East to invest in large scale renewable energy solution. The 1 MWp solar PV system was implemented by ECOsys and deployed LONGi high efficiency monocrystalline panels.

Following a competitive bidding process ECOsys was chosen by SMLC based on its proven track record, competitive proposal and innovative design to implement a 1,030 kWp solar system designed over 7,000 m2 in Choueifat, Lebanon.

‘We always aimed for an innovative solution, looking for the maximum output while optimizing the return on investment’ said Mr. Shady Khoury, Operations Director at SMLC. ‘ECOsys was the supplier who dared to think out of the box and provided the “smart” controller enabling the switch between different sources of power.’

The system operates with two available sources of energy: the utility grid (EDL) and diesel generators.

The main challenge in this project was to create an automatic control system that prioritizes the operation of the solar system with Diesel Generators over the utility in order to meet the financial requirements of the client and maximize the savings. For this reason, the system was divided into 3 sets of inverters automatically controlled by a smart system with the ability to feed different loads.

The power plant is expected to generate per year 1,270 MWh and 850 tons of CO2 savings.

‘The main key differentiator that led to the project award was the innovative design proposed by ECOsys during the bidding phase. Our hard working team has successfully turned this design into reality, and we are very proud of our achievement’ stated ECOsys team of experts.