Lagerwey Builds First 100% Public Wind Farm In The Netherlands

Lagerwey has been contracted to build a new wind farm for De Windcentrale, which will be the first 100% public owned wind farm in the Netherlands. The wind farm consists of three L82-2.3MW wind turbines that will generate wind energy for around 8,000 households. The wind turbines will be located in the municipality of Staphorst, between Nieuwleusen and Rouveen. Lagerwey will start constructing the foundations at the end of September 2018.

The wind farm will be exclusively owned by the Dutch public once it is completed in May 2019. The windmill will be virtually divided into thousands of pieces, each of which will represent 500 kWh. People who live in close proximity to the farm can acquire a piece of windmill at a discounted price, which means they will gain the most benefits. De Windcentrale has already used this formula to great success with existing wind turbines. But this is the first time they are personally overseeing the construction of a whole wind farm.

Lagerwey Lokaal

Daniël Dubbelhuis, Sales Manager at Lagerwey: “We are proud that a Dutch turbine manufacturer has been selected for this local project. The construction of this 100% cooperative wind farm is part of the Lagerwey Lokaal initiative, which aims at maximizing public participation in wind energy. Thereby considering local surroundings while also improving employment opportunities in the Netherlands.”